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The Renewed Car Seat War

Years ago, I started my war with car seats. We were on the forefront of car seats, having them for each of our kids. I must say that the quality and engineering of the car seats in those days was … Continue reading

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I am trying…

I know that many people are upset about the continued efforts of people in regards to the current political state of affairs. They feel that we should respect and give a chance. That is all fine and good, but let’s … Continue reading

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The Active Transportation Alliance and Bike Paths

I belong to the ‘Active Transportation Alliance,’ something that I joined toward the end of my high school teaching career. I heard about it from a colleague, Matt Stuczyinski, when we were talking about riding bikes. It is a group … Continue reading

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Losing weight, getting some air, and the state of the sidewalk

Feeling guilty about not having walked Stewie this morning, the weather got warmer, the ice was melting, and I felt like I could take a chance with the sidewalk safety. I was disappointed. Deerfield normally clears off all of the … Continue reading

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On being a carnivore and hunting

I am a lifelong carnivore and will probably not change. I am sure that there are friends and acquaintances of mine who might have an issue with that. I have had a healthy fear of guns and firearms for many … Continue reading

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