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Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette AKA Colette

Sunday saw us hitting the movies. In the past, sometimes we have waited too long and the movie that we want to see is gone. This was special since it is about the French writer by the name of Colette. … Continue reading

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Camping brings up the idea of bathrooms. Is there nothing more revolting than a pit toilet? Okay, yes there is, a dirty, uncared for pit toilet where people have been abusive by being slobs. Kohler-Andrae State Park in Wisconsin was … Continue reading

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Sickies with a touch of French

The little ones are over, the older of the two is not feeling great, having succumbed once again to a viral moment: a cold. She says she has ‘sickies.’ To ‘chill’ a bit, we are watching one of the Disney … Continue reading

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Another day not going to the gym

It has been annoying to me that I have not been to the gym in days. Somehow, things conspire to keep me from going. This is all even within the framework that I am not teaching this semester. You would … Continue reading

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An unforgettable ‘Chez Mikey’ dinner party

Although there were more actual differences between our dinner party, than similarities with ‘Babette’s Feast,’ I could not help thinking, as the party unfurled, that I was experiencing something that was extremely memorable and that would remain in my memory … Continue reading

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