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Another day not going to the gym

It has been annoying to me that I have not been to the gym in days. Somehow, things conspire to keep me from going. This is all even within the framework that I am not teaching this semester. You would … Continue reading

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An unforgettable ‘Chez Mikey’ dinner party

Although there were more actual differences between our dinner party, than similarities with ‘Babette’s Feast,’ I could not help thinking, as the party unfurled, that I was experiencing something that was extremely memorable and that would remain in my memory … Continue reading

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Paris Can Wait

Mary Kay came across this movie,Paris Can Wait, which somehow had not found itself in my range of radar. I am always game for something like this. Little did I know that this would totally capture so much of what … Continue reading

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‘Un village français’

It is interesting how sometimes something that is extremely popular manages to not be on our radar. Such is the case with ‘Un village français,’ a French televison series that was first seen on French TV in 2009. It has … Continue reading

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Quiet Kiddy Day (in French)?

I fooled the little one. We had just put her brother down for a nap and she had been begging to watch some ‘Frozen.’ I had just given away my second copy of the DVD; I had strangely been unaware … Continue reading

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