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We are becoming even more and more desensitized to the random violence that afflicts our country. As a teacher, I watch in horror and think of the scenarios for escape as the TV assaults us again and again with tales … Continue reading

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‘Tell the judge I love my wife.’

The other day, MK and I, instead of doing the Black Friday thing, went to the movies. We saw ‘Loving,’ the true story of interracial love from the 50s. It was the story of a man and a woman in … Continue reading

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This cannot wait…

Of late, my common blog posting procedure is to write a day or so ahead of time and then post it later. That is not what I am doing today. This is a fresh ‘write.’ I don’t feel that there … Continue reading

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I am almost physically sick as I ponder the election process, what we went through, and where we are today. I think of the eight years of what I deem to be good leadership on the part of our President … Continue reading

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I don’t have a lot to say. Earlier in the week, I found out that a dear colleague and friend lost her brother. He had been attacked by a stroke a few years earlier, his life was devestated, and then … Continue reading

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