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The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny

Damn Louise Penny! I have a bunch of books I am dying to read and yet now I have to read the 9th book in the Inspector Gamache Series of Louise Penny. I fear that I have no choice. This … Continue reading

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Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette AKA Colette

Sunday saw us hitting the movies. In the past, sometimes we have waited too long and the movie that we want to see is gone. This was special since it is about the French writer by the name of Colette. … Continue reading

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Busy day, Bruce Feiler, and Storytelling

It was a long day, totally of my own doing, as we had three kids, one with a fever, one who was most interested that her cousin was coming over, and one who had to go to preschool, necessitating carpooling. … Continue reading

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Jesus is Hatred

A few short weeks ago, I ended up in a political sparring match on Facebook that surprised me. I am surprised that I was surprised, my naïveté should have not have been in force and I should have known better. … Continue reading

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Joël Dicker and Reading

Ever since I was a kid, when I found an author that I liked, I tended to ‘binge read’ every thing of the author that was written. I remember my first author to intrigue me thus was John Steinbeck. I … Continue reading

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