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Où somme-nous? Where are we? Bilingual Pre-election thoughts

Je suis assis derrière la maison, sur la terrasse, et j’entends des mots de musique qui me troublent. On parle du drapeau américain et malheureusement c’est de la musique choisie par le voisin, trop forte, afin d’embêter les autres. Je … Continue reading

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The death of the American newspaper?

It saddens me to think that although writing can be and is a very subjective thing, that it may have even gotten more so when it comes to the news. I have marveled for years about how the Chicago Tribune … Continue reading

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On being excommunicated…

I am hoping this title does not sound worse than it is, I have had no formal papers from any church informing me that I am no longer a member. Although a very spiritual person from a very early time, … Continue reading

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To unfriend or not to unfriend

I have been on Facebook for some time now and I know that I have been unfriended a few times. This past month or so, I have been the one to unfriend. First of all, it is amusing to me … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on Riots, Violence, Equality, and Judgmentalism

Recent events in the United States are reminders that despite the ‘chemotherapy’ that we administered to cure our body of its ills, the disease still lies rampant within our collective body. It has metastasized in a horribly virulent way. The … Continue reading

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