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Vinegar and Dawn

I don’t know why I came so late to the discovery of vinegar. It is a most amazing product and now we go through so much more of it than ever before. One of the things we love is our … Continue reading

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Thoughts of a dinosaur

I am seated by the hearth, listening to the movement of fireplace air, hearing a crackling every now and then. I just got in after an hour or so of snow shoveling, yes, snow shoveling. Ironic that a man who … Continue reading

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The Lessons of History

We started out the day with a great movie, ‘If Beale Street Could Talk.’ We had decided the night before to see the movie early on Saturday and I thus purchased the tickets ahead of time. The movie is very … Continue reading

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Technology Frustrations and the smell of Venison Goulash

I was slow to get up this morning, so much that MK was actually downstairs before I was, which hasn’t happened in the longest time. I came down and had a leisurely moment after walking the dog and having breakfast. … Continue reading

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The Helpless Desk

I always mulched my Christmas tree and used the center pole for plants. I have gotten lazy with that, however. I still do as my grandparents and mom and throw my coffee grounds in the flower beds though.[/caption]I guess that … Continue reading

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