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Random Sunday thoughts

I just finished skimming the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. I am annoyed with myself and embarrassed to say that I cannot sit down and just read the newspaper. I don’t have the capacity or focus to intensely … Continue reading

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Gino Dal Ponte and many years of many family vacations

Gino Dal Ponte The other day, one of my sons and I were in downtown Highland Park collecting some take out and thought of Gino. Gino has been gone a few years and we are sorry to say that we … Continue reading

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The Perfect End to the Perfect Day

‘It does a family good.’ We got back from the Shedd Aquarium in the early afternoon, put the youngest grandkid in bed for a nap, and then chilled for a bit before having a late lunch. MK went to our … Continue reading

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Three Generations at the Shedd Aquarium

Our Thursday with the grandkids turned out to be a trip to the Shedd Aquarium. It had been a while for Mary Kay and me. The kids were feeling the locked up situation of a bit too much winter. It … Continue reading

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Joël Dicker and Reading

Ever since I was a kid, when I found an author that I liked, I tended to ‘binge read’ every thing of the author that was written. I remember my first author to intrigue me thus was John Steinbeck. I … Continue reading

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