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Cover-ups seem to be a constant thing these days, whether they are in politics or in institutionalized religion. Actually, perhaps they are just a part of human nature as we think we can control negative things to our advantage and … Continue reading

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Busy day, Bruce Feiler, and Storytelling

It was a long day, totally of my own doing, as we had three kids, one with a fever, one who was most interested that her cousin was coming over, and one who had to go to preschool, necessitating carpooling. … Continue reading

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All Saints’ Day

Today is All Saints’ Day and in a different time, I would probably have been figuring out the logistics of my day, wondering how I was going to get to Church on a holy day of obligation. As my mother … Continue reading

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Is there anyone else who feels, as I do, that it would be nice to wake up in the morning and find that the current political situation was nothing more than what it feels like, a nightmare? In my sixty … Continue reading

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On being excommunicated…

I am hoping this title does not sound worse than it is, I have had no formal papers from any church informing me that I am no longer a member. Although a very spiritual person from a very early time, … Continue reading

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