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My mom and hoarding

On Sunday evening, we tried a movie suggested to us by our friend Rose, ‘Hello, My Name is Doris.’ It was kind of against our better judgment as it was the story of a sixty-something woman (played by Sally Field) … Continue reading

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Heat Wave!

Twenty-six degrees should not count as a heat wave, but in some respects, it does. I went outside thinking how nice it would be, but to be perfectly honest, it felt worse than it has for the past few days. … Continue reading

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The year of the potato

Each time I deal with things in the kitchen that really should go into the compost, and I cannot somehow manage to get outside and properly dispose of them, I feel bad. Usually, the coffee grounds get thrown on the … Continue reading

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A few packets of Soy Sauce

As I was cleaning out a drawer, I noticed some errant packets of soy sauce. Little did I expect the Asian cuisine item to act as Madeleines on me, making my mind go off into memories of things past. They … Continue reading

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