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VIETGONE, a play by Qui Nguyen, at Writers Theatre in Glencoe, IL

I must admit that I am not overly fond of rehashing or going over the Viet Nam war. I seriously find it too painful. I remember those troubling years where we were involved in a war we had no business … Continue reading

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A Neo-Nazi in Congress?

It is a beautiful day, albeit cold and near freezing. I got up and went about my morning routine, unaware of the nightmare that was continuing to bloom in my own back yard. I got a message from a friend … Continue reading

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‘Un village français’

It is interesting how sometimes something that is extremely popular manages to not be on our radar. Such is the case with ‘Un village français,’ a French televison series that was first seen on French TV in 2009. It has … Continue reading

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I am trying…

I know that many people are upset about the continued efforts of people in regards to the current political state of affairs. They feel that we should respect and give a chance. That is all fine and good, but let’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 2017 Inauguration (that I did not watch)

I am still afraid. I watch with horror as things happen and wonder where it will all go. I am amazed at the situation, so surprised it happened in some ways, but more surprised at the numbers of people who … Continue reading

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