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We are damn good at racism

I remember that day in Freshmen English class in college. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The main thrust, back in 1969, was Black Literature and a study of racism. The class was large and pretty much as white as … Continue reading

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I am trying…

I know that many people are upset about the continued efforts of people in regards to the current political state of affairs. They feel that we should respect and give a chance. That is all fine and good, but let’s … Continue reading

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This cannot wait…

Of late, my common blog posting procedure is to write a day or so ahead of time and then post it later. That is not what I am doing today. This is a fresh ‘write.’ I don’t feel that there … Continue reading

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The death of the American newspaper?

It saddens me to think that although writing can be and is a very subjective thing, that it may have even gotten more so when it comes to the news. I have marveled for years about how the Chicago Tribune … Continue reading

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Some naive thoughts on Brexit

I do not claim to be truly politically aware. I really want to be and yet, for some reason, I cannot focus my energies to the extent of doing it properly. I was able to at one time, but I … Continue reading

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