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On dodging that ‘paint’ bullet and the Canine Flu

There is pretty much always a price to pay for everything we do, thus my day spent washing ceilings (living room, dining room, upstairs hallway) and some well-chosen walls kind of ‘decked’ me at the end of the day. Maybe … Continue reading

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Arrival in Florida

Friday started out with a bang as I did my usual and awoke before the alarm went off, not necessarily a bad thing since we were leaving for Florida. The taxi was set up for a 4:00 AM departure from … Continue reading

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Fels-Naptha soap

Sometimes the old stuff is actually better than the new. It does happen every now and then where they find that putting pizazz into a product, dolling up the packaging, and making changes to it on a yearly basis, is … Continue reading

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Channeling my inner First Footman…

I have had it in my head for some time that I needed to polish the Dirilyte. My original plan was to do that before last Thanksgiving. I am not much of a procrastinator, but apparently I decided that the … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2000 with Snudge, Snilt, or Snirt

On Wednesday, as we got into the car at various times to do this or that and I noticed the tale tell sign of winter that is so annoying: snow smudge. I really do not know what to really call … Continue reading

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