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A lovely Christmas Eve visit

Sometime during the relaxed Christmas Eve day, I received a text message that only had a number and no name. It took me a few minutes to figure the person’s identity. Somehow, and I don’t know how, the name didn’t … Continue reading

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Dreams and random thoughts of the past

I think, perhaps, I have seen too many plays. I think, as well, that my age and a hint of cynicism have worked on me. Dreams can be confusing and revelatory. This is post 3000 of my blog, I cannot … Continue reading

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On Michael Moore’s Latest Movie

‘Where to Invade Next’ is the latest movie by Michael Moore. As with many things that are filled with good information, thoughts, and philosophies, this is something that will probably not be seen by those who should see it. Michael … Continue reading

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Saul Fia or Son of Saul

Interview with Nemes and Röhrig In my efforts to connect with my origins and with my Hungarian roots, I thought it a no-brainer in regards to whether or not I see the hot Hungarian movie trailing with awards and nominations … Continue reading

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“Spotlight,” the movie and on being an “enlightened” Catholic

Saturday started out with freezing temperatures, a bit of a shock, although I should know better, it is November after all. MK did some research and we decided to see a movie that looked really good, “Spotlight,” which is a … Continue reading

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