Bastille Day à l’américaine

Today is an Oakton day, not the usual Oakton day as I am going in to meet a student who cannot make my Wednesday office hours. I intend to spend some time there as well working on my course for the fall. Having a new textbook is demanding some extra time to get everything set up.

The Bastille Day Monday was pretty uneventful, the girls came over in the early afternoon and we found them both to be highly energized. Samantha was energized to the point that I took her alone to the pool, Kelsey was energized to the point of not taking a nap very well.

MK had to go to the store so when Kelsey went down for a nap, she assumed it would be for a while. So she left Mikey in charge and no sooner did she get out of the house that Kelsey decided that she was not happy in the nap state. Apparently Kelsey was hungry so Mike set out to give her some food, knowing full well that process. He sends a photo of Kelsey eating banana to her mom and Laura is in shock. Those bananas that Kelsey, a good eater, avoids, are being enjoyed! This is typical of what kids do!

The pool was hysterical. Samantha and I walked there, about a half a mile each way. Once there, it was the fifteen minute adult swim so Samantha and I went to the kiddy pool. When we got back to the regular pool, Samantha needed a snack, so we pulled out the goodies we had brought and she snarfed those down and drank a ton of water from the water bottle I had brought for her. By the time we got in the pool, there were fifteen minutes left and so we had our dip and then another adult swim where she had to sit out. We could not stay beyond five o’clock since the swim club, COHO, was having a meet of some sort, so we headed back home. Samantha decided that she was tired and wanted to ride on my shoulders so I obliged. We are walking along and talking and I asked her (in French) what the name of the dog in front of us was. The dog was with a man and his two daughters. Samantha told me she did not know and I reminded her that she generally has a generous memory and always comes up with something. So we are walking along, end up passing them, and in doing so, the man turns to us and says ‘Bonjour’ in a perfect French accent. Who knew we would encounter French people in Deerfield.

The red, white, and blue balloons were a hit and Christian was not the happiest when I offered some to Samantha to take home. She, obviously, was happy about it, her dad, on the other hand, less pleased.

A nice day that started out gloomy, turned to sun that was slightly cool.

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