Rain encore and those Cavs

This photo says it all.  I can see that very soon we shall have nothing but parched earth, but for now, how much wetter can it get?

This photo says it all. I can see that very soon we shall have nothing but parched earth, but for now, how much wetter can it get?

Although I knew it was possible, in the back of my mind I did not think it would possibly rain on Wednesday. Well, it did!

Out around 6:15 AM or so and the weather was not bad at all. Out of the gym at around 7:40 AM and it was raining. Okay, it wasn’t raining hard but it was raining. Have we not had enough? Can’t we send it to the west coast?

I did not sleep well the night before and much of it was due to the fact that I kind of overdid it. I took advantage of Kelsey’s nap to roll out the lawn mower and shave it down, even the really soggy back forty, and it is a good thing that I did. I even did some trimming. As I write this on Wednesday morning, I hear the landscapers with their machines. Rain does not stop them from mowing the way it does the rest of us. Kelsey had a great day with us and I spent a lot of time with her in the playhouse as we cleaned and moved things around and she wrote on the chalk walls.

Stewie spent a glorious day on Tuesday, much to my dismay. Back by our pond, the old mulch had turned into dirt. That is not a real issue but when that becomes flooded and Stewie uses his favorite path to chase squirrels (or so he thinks) along the fence, his paws become brown. His undercoat was dirty as well. I actually hosed him down at the end of the day and even though I thought I had completely cleaned him, I had not. He doesn’t mind at all. His back paws still harbored mud. Needless to say, it is hard to keep the floors clean at this time. Add into that the mess produced on Monday from the work to reclaim the house from its water damage and then put in new fan ventilating systems that are actually vented to the outside and not just to the attic area.

Besides the lawn, Kelsey, and car-pooling Samantha to and from her YMCA class, I must have done about six loads of wash, most of them being pretty small, but I managed to hang all of the clothes on our double, lower-level laundry hanging system.

In the evening, I was so tired that I didn’t even know that sleep was approaching when we were finally sitting downstairs (the usual is to read a bit outside before settling in) and fell asleep. Usually I know when sleep is approaching, but this time I had no idea.

My one sad point of the day is Cleveland’s NBA loss. So close and yet not enough to make the grade. My heart bleeds for them as they so need reasons to feel good about themselves. I feel that one day they will manage to come out of their overly long slump but I am not sure I will be around to be its witness. At least we have the Black Hawks…I guess this former Clevelander chose well.

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