Lavender days

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 7/17/15

I just have to say that although I like to take care of my plants, I am not always one to enjoy the deadheading mode despite knowing how necessary it is.

On Friday, however, after a day of some tough work in the heat, the deadheading was almost joyous. The reason for that is simple, I was deadheading lavender. As one touches the stems to clip them off, the lavender oils are imparted to the skin.

We had just bought some light cloth bags from Trader Joe’s that made me think that some lavender work might be a good idea. I am taking all of the stems of lavender that I picked and tying them in bunches and hanging them in the garage. The flowers can be put into small bags as Trader Joe’s does and we will have some very pleasant dryer days.

Laura, my delightful Glencoe daughter(-in-law), told me of another way to even repurpose the worn out lavender dryer bags. You open them up, throw the dried flowers on the carpet, and vacuum them up. The lavender thus continually serves humanity. Not to mention the smell is soothing and supposedly good for calming us down.

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