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Thursday morning found MK already gone, not being able to keep herself away from seeing the new little Koerner. I am holding down the fort, keeping the filthy disorder collie from dirtying the floors, all due to my mistake of allowing him in the back yard to keep him from going socially crazy with the arrival of the stove repairman.

Our wonderful DCS stove is something we all use and when the oven was not heating up as planned we knew something was awry. The company is no longer the same one it was when we bought the stove so it is sometimes tricky finding someone to repair it who knows the system and knows how to find the parts. We had found a guy in Libertyville, he came out once and apparently we rubbed him the wrong way, he has never returned a call since. I find business like that quite annoying.

I went on Yelp and found Park Ridge Appliance. I checked the reviews and they were 99% positive, in my books. I have found that things like Yelp must always be taken with a grain of salt either positively or negatively as there is bound to be someone who disagrees with the consensus of reviews. It is human nature and you have to be smart enough to sift through the information.

Nick Petrielli came out; we immediately liked him. He called us back after our initial call to him, set up an appointment, and actually showed up. He made sense with all he said, he ordered the oven elements and a week later came back and did the installation. It was not cheap but we didn’t expect it to be. The service was excellent and he even told me to call Com Ed as the voltage of the power coming in was actually over what it should be, so while he was here, I called Com Ed and they shall be out later today.

The day is gloomy, a bit warm, warm enough for the mud supply in the far reaches of the yard to be perfect for muddying Stewart’s paws as he does his traditional run from north to south and south to north as he parallel runs the fence. Once he flies out of the back door, which he does not always do, there really is no stopping his border collie run. He came back to the patio with seriously muddy paws.

I am catching up on a few things, waiting for MK and the older of the two Highland Park grandchildren and also for the arrival of the Glencoe granddaughter. Later in the day I will get to visit the new grandson in the hospital and pick up the older Glencoe granddaughter from school.

Life is back to normal. We are so thankful for the wonderful children and grandchildren and the opportunity to help out with childcare and also have a chance to be a serious influence in their lives.

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