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In recent years, I have been continually dismayed by the money wasted on campaigns and the reprehensible behavior that can be attributed to so many of our political candidates. It is amazing to think that good people really do not have a chance in the political arena. It certainly mirrors life in business, in education, and in many an area where being sneaky, corrupt, and having the correct appearance can assure success. There must be something inherently wrong in American society that good people who have strong moral values and ethics are not slick enough to be successful. This is apparently why we have problems.

Our founding fathers were concerned about the voting system and despite the fact that I do not like the Electoral College situation, I realize why it was set in place during the beginning days of our country.

I am very interested in History but I am unfortunately totally turned off by the political antics of this era.

MK and I got up early as Tuesday is our day for the grandkids and just before she departed to help out in Glencoe, we went to our polling station to register our votes for the primary.

As I said, I am not a happy camper when it comes to the current politics. Never in my voting life have I been more confused about registering my vote. Actually, I should say that perhaps I did not trust my feelings, because I pretty much knew all along how I was going to proceed.

Here is how I feel. If we are a supposedly civilized country, and wealthy and progressive as well, why is it that people must go into debt for healthcare and education? It seems to me, in my own naive political and economical understanding, that if we invest of ourselves in a major way, and it is obvious that we will all have to take a financial hit, that in the long run we shall have a happier, healthier, and more educated country. Many of the problems caused by the inequalities due to race, various phobias, and bad health, and lack of access to education will little by little be whittled away. Good healthcare and education could and should be the great equalizer. But who am I, little citizen that I am, to propose something so insane?

Our politicians seem, for the most part, to be thinking of nothing more than their personal aggrandizement. The fact that the various parties are pretty much unwilling to compromise and, more importantly, to make decisions that might benefit the people of this country, makes me sick. The trend toward xenophobia, something that is completely at odds with the philosophy behind the founding of this country, is horrifying.

I don’t consider myself to be a ‘died in the wool’ Democrat. I believe in looking objectively at all the candidates and making my own decisions. I will admit, however, that due to my roots and my upbringing, and my ethnic roots, I tend to be more often aligned with the Democrats. The shenanigans going on in the Republican primary race this year are beyond my imagination and I could not consider voting for any of their proposed candidates.

At one time, I felt that Hillary Clinton could be a viable candidate. In some respects, I still do. I dislike her waffling on the issues and the fact that she seems to talk out of both sides of her mouth. On the other hand, rationally, I know that she, being the politician that she was perhaps forced to become, would probably do the right thing once in office. That being said, I am doing something I do not normally do and will be honest that I voted for Bernie Sanders. I normally don’t like to proselytize and express my political opinions but this time I feel that I must. I agree with pretty much everything he says and I don’t doubt that what he is suggesting is possible. My problem is that I am not sure that he has the connections or even the nasty political savvy to work with a Congress that is hell bent on meeting its own selfish needs and goals without thinking about those of the people.

I have had many a time to vote when I was concerned for our future but never to the extent that I feel now. God help us!

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