A walk in the fog preceding Brexit

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 6/23/16

Walking Stewie was a walk through the clouds, literally, as we traipsed through the light fog that was covering the area in the aftermath of major rain. The terrible weather had caused an over two-hour delay in the soccer game of Copa America between Chile and Colombia, which poor Colombia ended up losing.

The Northern suburbs had looked as if they would be unaffected and when we departed our dinner in the suburb of Evanston, we thought maybe it would rain a little. The downpour was sizable and very scary, to the point that I almost pulled over. I hate pulling over, when on the highway, because I feel that it is almost more dangerous than slowly plowing through the snow or rain. The torrents of water came down with such speed that the Deerfield streets could barely handle it as we neared home and we had to slow down a great deal and drive very cautiously as we approached our aboad.

The dirt I had put into my part of the MZ (middle zone) between my driveway and the neighbor’s had been pretty much washed out, with little evidence of it in more than one spot. It was clear that the zone was used as a major waterway as the water attempted to leave our yards and escape. My neighbor’s placing of grasses in pots surrounded by his decorative stones worked out well. The rains came before I was able to get roots down in the soil to combat the erosion.

Thursday, Samantha and I evened out the soil and planted morsels of sedum taken from sedum growth in our yard. We completed that with rain barrel water.

Weather is in the low seventies and was in the high sixties when I took Stewie on his walk. It remains to be seen how this weather will play out today.

The evening, before bed, I learned of the reality of Brexit, oh my!

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