Some naive thoughts on Brexit

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 6/23/16

I do not claim to be truly politically aware. I really want to be and yet, for some reason, I cannot focus my energies to the extent of doing it properly. I was able to at one time, but I think that time and my seeing the constant corruption and continued inability of people to do the right thing, has caused me to mentally opt out. It is not a good thing, but I leave it to people who have the vocation.

I never thought that the UK ever gave the European Union a chance, not even adopting the Euro as their currency. My real thought is that they cannot get beyond the reality of the English Channel and the truth that they are physically separated from the rest of Europe. That simple, physical fact never really allowed them to let go and let it all happen, to fully give in and really give it a chance. In the long run, I believe that secession from the EU will create a slow downslide.

Some really intelligent people say that it is a good thing. They say that other countries in the EU should do the same and pull out. I guess that my thoughts on that are that rejecting the common good is the selfish way. We are no longer living in a world where isolationism is a possibility. Travel is way to easy and accomplished way too quickly. We all have to make an effort to be more accepting of others and to think globally and realize that, in the long run, that more will benefit from our efforts to pull together and that individual nations will inevitably do better as well.

It makes me think of the United States as a sort of European Union and how we, like the Brits, cannot see the forest for the trees. We think in a less than selfless way and think that things like education, complete freedom for all, healthcare for all, and lack of being judgmental, are not the way to go. I am convinced, and I am no expert, that if we all put our minds to it for the common good, made more sacrifices, and made sure that all of our citizens had the same opportunities and even help to attain a better life, that we all would be better off. I accept my naïveté.

It is time for the entire world to stop thinking selfishly, and to realize that by not doing so, we will all be better off in the long run. I only wish the Brits could reconsider.

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