A new wine to our liking

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 7/28/16

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 7/28/16

The other day we were at Binny’s to pick up some fixings for our Old Fashioneds. We needed some Blaum Brothers’ Bourbon, something we have been hooked on since finding out about it. Our son and family went to Galena and visited the distillery and we have been hooked ever since. Goodbye Maker’s Mark! Blaum Brothers is even better!

So we are at Binny’s and true to Koerner (actually more Tenuta/Nylund) form, we start talking to a lady who was sharing her family’s wine in samples in order to sell it.

Consuelo became our new best friend as we sampled her family’s wines from a vineyard near Venice, Italy. We liked all three, but ended up buying the simplest form, the least expensive, because we really liked its smooth taste.

She also got us to purchase, via the Internet, the organic olive oil they also produce. She liked us so well that she offered us free shipping.

The wine is amazing and this Thursday, as we are relaxing after a long day with the grandkids, we are sipping our wine.

Amazing how we came across this wine, it is delicious. I am guessing that the olive oil is just as good.

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