The grass is parched and there has been little rain in this part of the world.

The grass is parched and there has been little rain in this part of the world.

I know that I have spoken of this before, but I don’t like waste. Much of that was installed in my psyche and subconscious by my forbears and some by my immediate family. Rants and raves about the depression, about being kicked out of their house for non-payment of mortgage since they were out of jobs, and the like, meant that every little thing was important and should be used. I also realize that there is something about the Hungarians and using everything you can, not wasting.

My favorite story of non-waste by my maternal grandfather was a story of taking this ethic a bit too far. We had a supply of small amounts of this paint and that paint and well, Grandpa Bori took it all and put it together. He did this when no one managed to see what he was up to. He took the ‘new’ paint and painted my mom’s garage exterior. It was brown. Although I don’t recall his uber neat house and yard ever being taken to this decorating place, if I may call it that, this was the ultimate of his saving moves. The only issue is that we could not stand it so we painted over it with the white it once was.

I have walked a bit of our neighborhood more than once and at different times of the day. I rarely see anyone enjoying the plush green lawns, the lawns that are fed rain or shine (I always see the sprinklers going after a huge storm!) with in ground sprinkling systems. I am constantly amazed at the waste. Often the runoff is going down a storm sewer several houses away from the water loss scene.

As is usual, there are serious droughts in California and elsewhere in the U.S. Perhaps we cannot send them our ‘runoff,’ but perhaps we could be more caring about taking care of the good resources we have.

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