Unfathomable! StrumpET, Supporter of Trump (male) and StrumpETTE, the female version

Deerfield / IL / États-Unis - 10/16/16Sometimes there are surprises; things that hit you in the face and you say to yourself, “I absolutely cannot believe what I am hearing!”

I had one of those moments the other day when I was talking to someone who was not born in this country. I have made my feelings very clear about our country, the wonderful aspects and the issues that we face. I have spoken of what we deal well with and the areas where we just fall flat on our faces and need to look outside ourselves, the box, and our culture, to see what works elsewhere.

We were talking about voting and I mentioned that I had. I know that the person I was speaking to had offspring that happened to be U.S. citizens. Somehow, in speaking of that, I was informed that voting had already been done and the Trump was the choice.

I was totally shocked. This is a person who is learning English, who knows of the xenophobia of the current campaigner, and yet the offspring was voting for him. In further questioning, although this person is not yet a citizen, I realized that the person’s choice would also be Trump.

I so wanted to be able to get inside the mind and see how a person could get beyond the craziness that I see, the wall-building philosophies, the pushing aside of the cultural richness and resources we have because of our varied backgrounds in the U.S., and the near-hatred of all of the strengths that have made us great.

It is clear. I will never understand. I don’t get how I am so out of the loop that I do not see the driving force causing the candidate selection. This is a person fleeing tyranny and war. Maybe the feeling is that the orange wonder will crush and destroy those enemies. Yet, I find the whole situation unfathomable and sad.

P.S. Originally, I was going to call a Trump supporter a ‘sTRUMPet or sTRUMPette. Although I don’t ever malign candidates, at least I have never in the past, I feel strongly enough here that Trump’s name needs to be ‘lower class,’ oops, I meant lower case.

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