‘Tell the judge I love my wife.’

The other day, MK and I, instead of doing the Black Friday thing, went to the movies. We saw ‘Loving,’ the true story of interracial love from the 50s. It was the story of a man and a woman in love, going from their home in Virginia to DC to get married, returned home to begin their married life and await the birth of their child, and were soon arrested for miscegenation, illegal intercourse between different races. One watches this movie and is pretty much in a state of disbelief regarding the stupidity of the laws and the time period.

I really enjoyed the movie and the acting. The actors were wonderful as they played the roles of two nice people who fell in love and did the natural thing of getting married and having a family. Ruth Negga played Mildred Loving and Joel Edgerton played Richard Loving. I especially loved the character of Richard, so matter of fact, showing the incredulity of the situation all over his very poker face. He was a simple man and so didn’t understand the situation. At one point, having a beer with black friends, they expressed to him that now perhaps he understood what it is like to be black and being arrested for no apparent reason, as he was, and placed in jail. When asked by his ACLU lawyer if he wanted to attend the Supreme Court hearing, he said, “No.” When asked what might want to say to the Supreme Court, he said, “Tell the judge I love my wife.”

The reason I mention this movie is because I was talking to an attendee of the ESL Conversation Hour the other day. She asked me what I did on Black Friday. We discussed shopping and how I hate the crowds of that day so we opted to go to the movies. She asked me what it was about. I told her. She looked at me with a shocked appearance and one that told me that she figured that she just didn’t understand what I was talking about. It took a lot of explanation to tell her that in the 50s, that it was not possible for an interracial couple to legally wed in many areas of the U.S. She was totally shocked.

We should all be shocked. We should all be so ashamed of our past and embrace the progress we have made and continue to move forward. Recent events have made me feel as if we are on the verge of moving backwards. I hope the good American people react and refuse such inappropriate regression.

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