A Rainy Christmas?

Yesterday I was doing snow removal on the son’s driveway as I realized that since it was warm that I should clean it up as much as I could. It was almost a mistake as I walked on it this morning, almost slipping since it was now a thin layer of ice instead of removed, crusted, icy snow.

Friday, it is and supposedly some snow is on the way, making it even harder to believe that Christmas is supposed to be rainy.

The cold is bitter despite being in the twenties, heightened in annoyance by the intense humidity present within it; in sharp contrast to our homes heated by GFA (gas forced air) that are way too dry.

I guess that is why skin suffers in our climate.

Our preparations need to step up a bit, although we are pretty much on target. We need to get the gifts wrapped and under and near the Christmas tree.

Our meal situation, given all the foodies and logistical people, is under control. We have Christmas Eve and Day all set up and ready to go, it just takes our mobilizing our forces to make the interior house changes. We are having quite a few people over, so many that we don’t all fit at our extended table. That requires some flexibility and so buffet it is and tables set and ready for impromptu seating. The plan is to one the one in the dining room and another in the family room, people can choose their location.

It is early and we are waiting for the kids so we can take them to the babysitter’s house. Then MK has something at our daughter-in-law’s and I have the Oakton Christmas party later.

Tis the season…

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