Hidden Figures

I was not expecting to be as sad or as depressed as I was in seeing the movie, “Hidden Figures.” It was a wonderful movie and it was an interesting step back in time to some unbelievable, historic moments as well as an introduction to some incredible, behind the scenes (due to the times) women who had a huge effect on history.

The acting, direction, and locations were wonderful.

My reason for sadness is that I just keep thinking that recent political events have taken the progress we have made in so many areas and somewhat turned back the clock. Those of us who appreciate the gains are going to have to get very active to attempt to stave off the movement to remove progress. This is not going to be easy.

It is truly an unheard of moment in our history.

Seeing the ridiculous treatment and racism happen so easily in the film was one thing; thinking that our current regime is so interested in a reverse progress movement is what I find so horribly depressing.

How can this be? What put us in the situation in which we find ourselves?

One cannot help but wonder what the future is bringing us.

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