Quiet Kiddy Day (in French)?

She wanted her ‘lovey’ over her head for a moment.

I fooled the little one.

We had just put her brother down for a nap and she had been begging to watch some ‘Frozen.’

I had just given away my second copy of the DVD; I had strangely been unaware that I already had a copy when I ordered a second one. The second one came in English, Castilian Spanish, and Catalan. Therefore, it was a no-brainer that I give it to my charges’ mommy, since she happens to be a Spanish teacher who spent time in Bilbao, Spain.

The DVD copy I had kept was perfect since it was in English and French.

My little one commented, “I like their songs,” when it began, it seems that she had noticed the difference in language.

No other comments were made and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it and listening to it in French.

It always makes me laugh, every so often I trick the younger ones by just doing the music or video in French. Only the seven year old notices and comments on it.

It also amuses me that although they seem to repeat pretty much everything, that there is no great desire to repeat the French that I use. Instead, it seems to get logged into their brains for later use.

Periodically, the soon to be four year old will tell me that she does not understand what I am saying. Sometimes we ask her to translate and she comes close or is way off. It is hard to tell whether or not it is just because she does not want to take the time to really say what it is all about.

I just continue to speak to them in French and thereby ‘download’ French into their brains. I have been doing this for almost eight years now and I am not about to quit.

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