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The infamous red thread! I really enjoyed that adventure!

Once again, my ‘people’ don’t think I am the brightest bulb on that Christmas tree. Fools they are, that is for sure. I have even taken down one of those silly things, a tree that is. Once, in a famous ‘hyena run,’ which is what they call it, I got frisky with the cleaning lady and ran so fast that I caught the tree and yanked it down. She got really upset, thinking Rich was angry at her. Okay, he wasn’t happy that she pampered and allowed me to be sillier than with them, but he was just upset about the huge cleaning job and the removal of broken ornaments. I am glad that they removed that oversized, dead plant, it took all my energy to keep from lifting my leg when I went by it.

Speaking of lifting my leg, did I ever talk about the time I went to visit a dog loving jewelry lady; I think her name is Katy Boldt? I went in, she had a tree stump as a workstation and I proceeded to fix all of them and marked my territory. That was the bomb!

One of the reasons I get away with so much is due to genetics. I just look damn good! Everyone oohs and ahs over me all the time. Another reason is that I am nice to the entire family. I heard, through the grapevine, that my MBD (most beloved dog) predecessor was the biggest b**ch that the world has ever seen. She used to nip women and kids. She did that to the kids until one of my people, Chris, saw her put his daughter in line by a nice BCN (Border collie nip). He went into commando mode, flew into a rage, thrust her to the floor, and reprimanded her. She was nice after that but she still had the reputation. I never had that; I was smart enough to learn to keep my genetic tendencies in check, as some guy named Doc Alonzi said, “It takes a lifetime to build up a reputation and a single moment to destroy it.”

I don’t know if I mentioned one of my new tricks to keep Mary Kay in line. I grabbed some of her extremely expensive German thread, in spool form, and proceeded to wind it around all sorts of things from the lower to mid level of the house. Hell, Rich found some of it just today and that was first done over a week ago. He even found the spool. I really know how to get her goat. I also love it when I jump up on their bed and make it difficult for her to move, finding the best position to do so and giving a sweet Border collie smile to confuse the hell out of her.

So much for my latest antics, I am glad I figured out how to profit from Rich’s silly overwork schedule to be able to express myself!

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Black and White and of the canine persuasion. Born in December on the 14th in 2012. Borders are my business and I don't believe in walls!
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