Paint War Day 3

The actual work area

A view of the ceiling that posed painting issues to me.

It is the area above the furnace and hot water heater that are impossible to paint. The area between the furnace and the side wall is barely enough space to stand in, much less paint.

Currant and Almond Muffins

The day was clear. We had no grandparental responsibilities and my calendar was free. Whether I like it or not, enough days had passed between my first two days of painting and the now. I had brushes in saran wrap that I should have placed in the freezer to keep from drying out and a roller as well. Luckily, they were in good shape.

I started out the day by taking the approximate two cups of currant we harvested and using them to make muffins. They were spectacular. My only concern with making them was that although they were for twelve muffins, I really felt that the muffin tins were filled too high. I was right. Next time, I would plan for that outcome and I intend to put that info in my recipe folder on Dropbox (open to the whole family).

I think, in retrospect, that I was procrastinating. Around 10:30, I finally settled in to the job at hand. What remained for me to paint, after touching up the work I had already done, was the ceiling and the water and gas pipes that pepper the walls and ceiling. Although the room is not huge and the ceiling space to paint actually not very large, it presented a major task of painting around this or that. The pipes are painted blue, the blue of the adjacent family room and matching the cupboard doors that are above the washer.

After touch up, I started the ceiling. It is akin to painting jigsaw puzzle pieces as most of the ceiling space is sectioned off by the pipes that are an inch or closer to the surface, making the paint job more difficult. Even if I weren’t painting the pipes another color, it is still a tough job as ‘drooling’ paint becomes more of a possibility.

At one time, I was standing on a stool, my head between two ducts, and painting. I had to get down to put my brush in the paint and then get back up to actually paint. I took a short ten-minute break and finished my job by 6:30 PM.

It sure is nice having a nice, clean laundry room with fresh paint!

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