I am writing on the patio table. Breezes are fleeting by and the umbrella shades me. Stewart is at my feet. MK is in the house at the dining room table. What’s up with that? We have a whole winter to do that.

I noticed that my tendonitis, which I have had for pretty much a whole year, is on the wane. Maybe I shouldn’t speak so soon.

At first I thought it must be because of my age, but I had this over twenty years ago and I remember that although I tried to get medical help, it really wasn’t much help at all. My tendonitis (self-diagnosed at that) is in my ankle area. It doesn’t help that I have flat feet with pretty much no arch at all. The fact that I am a good walker in spite of it kind of blows me away. MK, with her seemingly perfectly shaped arches, has to switch shoes out all the time and I don’t. Part of that is the nature of the difference between men’s and women’s shoes but not all of it.

Anyway, over twenty years ago, I had the same issue. I mainly felt it big time in the morning when I would get out of my bed. The stiff ankle muscles made it really painful at times until I warmed them up. Then it would improve and although I felt the pain, it would lessen to the point of my being able to walk normally.

This time, I forgot what I had learned about my tendonitis treatment the first time. I immediately started stretching and trying to make it work more easily. That was a mistake. I remember the one night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I almost could not walk to get there, the pain being that intense.

I realized that I had to stop trying to stand on my toes; I need to rest the darn ankle. Rest and I don’t always see eye to eye. I finally bought a ‘wrap’ for my ankle and the first one was worn once before disappearing from the house. The second one I am wearing in the evening. It is finally getting better and it has been almost a year. Flip-flops have been pretty much off limits this summer, although normally I would wear them all the time. My Brooks’ ‘Beast’ and my orthopedic inserts are de rigueur.

I am glad it is getting better. At least I don’t have MK’s plantar fasciitis!

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2 Responses to Tendonitis

  1. Darrelyn Marx says:

    Saw the foot and had to see what the ‘wrap’ was about. Doesn’t sound good. Sorry that you have to go through this aggravation every day!

    • The good news is that I am ‘on the mend.’ It never kept me from doing anything, it just meant that I had to change my exercise regimen. MK has had a tougher time with the plantar fasciitis than I have with the tendonitis. Thanks for your concern!

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