Skunked – Moufetté!

Stewie on the landing outside the bedrooms after his trials and tribulations with meeting his first skunk face to face.

Last night did not turn out as planned.

I was really tired and it was time for bed, so I went upstairs and Stewie wanted to go out. If I know something is going on in the back or if there is too much water due to rains, he goes out front.

It was my mistake to use the back. Stewie got skunked. ‘Moufetté’, if I can invent my own French word. For whatever reason, I have had more than one issue figuring out what the word is in French. I used to think that it was ‘sconse’ but I just checked it out and it says that ‘sconse’ is used for the fur of a skunk that someone might wear. On the other hand it says that ‘un sconse’ (a skunk) exists. So it does look as if it is a possible choice for the animal, but lately I came across ‘une moufette.’ Since skunks don’t exist in France, there is no French word for them but they do exist in Canada, and I believe that ‘moufette'(I have also seen ‘mouffette’) is from Québec.

Anyway, he comes running back in looking sheepish. I hadn’t noticed anything but he sat down and I made him stay there because all of a suddent, I realized that he smelled awful. We made him stay and then we took him outside. MK stayed with him while I made the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and baking soda. I mixed it well and put it in a sprayer. We took him outside, sprayed him all over, and rinsed him off. Luckily rinsing him off is not difficult; he doesn’t care about it. His fur is extensive however but I felt that the spray was mainly on the exterior. We toweled him off and brought him in the house. By this time, the smell had permeated everything.

We ended up locking all of the bedroom doors so he didn’t have a chance to jump up on bedding (or us) and tried to go to sleep.

Due to fact that the air conditioning was on and that our master bedroom has many registers for the entry of heat and air conditioning, somehow the smell was seemingly targeting our room. I smelled the strong odor of skunk all night long as I tossed and turned. MK was already desensitized and couldn’t tell until she went outside and made the comparison.

Add into this that our bedroom smoke detector kept going off at different times and all I could think of was that rancid smell must have been making it react. It would beep about five times and then stop. My research on the Web shows that more than one person thinks the smoke alarm went off because of skunk but there is no evidence that skunk odor can do that.

Morning has arrived and we are aware that Stewie’s anti-odor treatment seemed to work pretty well. The house needs more work so we have some candles out and bowls of vinegar.

Fun and games in the suburbs!

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  1. Gregory Ross says:

    There is also the word “putois” as in Pépé le Putois. A “putois” is usually translated as a polecat, but it can also be, perhaps erroneously, be translated as a skunk. Wordreference also says that a “polecat” can be a kind of ferret. They certainly smell awful enough.

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