In Meijerland on the way to our Stratford Break

We did our best to leave Deerfield by 8:00 AM, with the plan on having lunch with our good friends in the Ann Arbor area. Good friends and also in-laws, John and Cheryl, set the bar very high for in-laws and were the first ones that we had via our son and his marriage to Laura.

When John and Cheryl realized that we were passing through, we thought that maybe cutting our trip in half by an overnight at their lake house would be fun. When we are together, the laughter is incessant as we compare stories for this and that. We all feel (I hope I am not speaking only for myself) like old friends.

We arrived past one and the weather was threatening. John and Cheryl prepared lunch for us and we had a great time. Afterwards, we headed toward the lake that they live on. We went for a tour of it on the pontoon boat and then John and I both went out separately on the Jet Ski, only my second experience of doing so.

The weather, that had been threatening, settled down for us to do the lake activities. Afterward, it turned into a rainstorm. We felt as if we were in a bird sanctuary as their deck overlooking the lake has many bird feeders. We saw all sorts of birds from a pileated woodpecker to a Baltimore oriole within a short time and then we were treated to dueling hummingbirds, at least three, all competing for the sugar water. There was a cat named Felix, a stray, who has been living under their deck, who is very tame, and has green eyes and white paws. John and Cheryl are hoping to be able to get ‘Felix’ into a cat carrier to take to her brother. He has offered the kitty asylum in his home.

We had a wonderful time, as always, had breakfast with them and then headed off for Stratford. What a relaxing way to spend our first day of a short road trip to Canada and with good friends at that.

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