Ciao to Stratford for the 2017 season!

This play, our last one in Stratford, made it for me. Timeless, entertaining, and educational, all in a single play.

Normally, we have about a week in Stratford and this time we settled for pretty much a weekend, only arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday.

Sunday was a more normal day, finally seeing our good friend CC. She had not gone with us to see the play on Saturday night, but Tony had. The play was truly a bust as far as plays go but the acting was good. Maybe we were not in the right mood. In any case, if CC had to miss a play, that was the one to miss.

So we had a nice breakfast and then had some down time before going to our afternoon play, Tartuffe. I had wanted to see it simply because it was by Molière but it was exactly what the doctor ordered. It soothed our souls as it made intense fun of a ‘scammer’ and somehow that person seemed to be somewhat modeled after the person currently in charge of our U.S. régime. They used words like ‘cofefe’ and ‘alternate facts.’ The universal theme of this play held true and we laughed like crazy. Molière was right on point.

At dinnertime, we went to Mercer Hall again and literally had the same fried chicken dinner we had had the night before along with their magnificent Manhattan’s with hard to find smoky maraschino cherries.. We were not disappointed. We also invited a wonderful person we had met on our first day in Stratford to dine with us. She had been seated waiting for the play and I sat down next to her. When MK came back we started a conversation. It turns out that she is from Chicago and lives in Hyde Park near the Obama home. She was a wonderful dinner companion. When we walked into the restaurant, we found her eating alone. I invited her to join us and she agreed.

We had a quiet Sunday evening and departed Stratford the following day, hoping to take a ferry across the St. Clair River but somehow getting misled by my inaccuracy with the GPS. The ferry, which is supposed to be a faster border trip, is for next year.

We stopped for lunch in Ann Arbor and had one of those major delights that the Internet can provide. We had lunch with someone connected with me on Facebook via our Ann Arbor friends. We had lunch with Carol and Chris and had a fabulous moment. It was as if we had known each other forever. As Carole put it, “It appears that we are living in parallel universes” as so many of the things we are doing are being experienced by them. The similarities were many and the fun had for this unusual beginning to a relationship, was delightful. We are looking forward to more with them.

After that moment, we headed home for the four hour marathon drive and got home tired, but happy, around 7:30 PM”

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