A Cherry Pitter that really works!

When a friend of mine told me about a cherry pitter that works, I had to play the role of ‘Doubting Thomas.’ I have seen my share of cherry pitters in my day and frankly none of them has reasonably worked.

When we were in Stratford, we stopped in ‘Bradshaw’s,’ the kitchen store in which we have found more than one wonderful item to take back with us. We had glanced at a cherry pitter, since we are going through so many cherries these days, and didn’t really have a good chance to look at it. I thought that I needed to have a quick discussion with my friend before even thinking of making a purchase.

We came home and MK went online and checked out reviews and I got in touch with Joel to see which one he had. He had told me of buying sour and sweet cherries and taking his pitter and doing the whole lot of them in one fell swoop. He also told me that he washes it in the dishwasher and has had it for a number of years. I, of course, had visions of macerated cherries filled with pits that somehow missed the whole reason for the tool.

We found out which one, it matched one that MK had found in a ‘Cook’s Illustrated’ review and moved forward toward purchasing. Amazon.com was our choice and we quickly moved forward.

The pitter came and we tried it out, it is worth the hype, it really works. It has an interior tray that let’s you choose either black cherries or sour cherries (according to the size). You can do four at a time. We don’t have any sour cherries at the moment, but we do have sweet black cherries. We also have a grandson who loves to eat them and we have been pitting them by hand. Now we can do four at a time, putting them in the tray, pushing down, and finding the cherry pits in the lower tray and nice, neat holes in the cherries.

I keep thinking of the cherry clafoutis I have seen in France that have cherries with pits in them. This would allow you to have a very decorative clafoutis that you would have to look at carefully to realize that the cherries had been pitted.

What a great thing. Now that I am finished I realize that I must really have no life if I am writing about cherry pitters!

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