Ticked and Ivied

The other day I was on the north side of my house and trimming a bush I had missed. I couldn’t help but notice the overgrowth of things, which somehow I have avoided.

I did my trimming, removed some wild grapes that were growing, and yanked at an odd looking vine-like plant I had noticed before.

Apparently I got a tick and a bit of poison ivy.

I have never experienced poison ivy before; I had pretty much thought I might be immune. The tick freaks me out because in all my thirty years of living in this house, I have never seen or gotten a tick. Actually, I have never even had a tick at all.

On Thursday, I noticed that I had a strange tiny black spot on my leg. I thought I had a splinter. On Friday, it was a bit red and so on Friday evening I had MK check it out. She has removed many a tick and this was questionable. There was no head; whatever it was was totally embedded under the skin.

I ended up calling my doctor, she is out of town, but her doctor husband was taking calls. He felt that I should go to Urgent Care and probably be put on Doxycycline in a preventative way. I went and yes, they think I have a tick. The odd thing is that they don’t remove it!

I am going to have to don pants every time I work on the plants in between our house and the one north of us. I guess the heavy, rainy summer we have had has been a boon to ticks.

Luckily, the poison ivy, if that is what I have, is almost nothing and barely making me itch. Fun on the North Shore.

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