Multi-faceted individuals

My disclaimer: This post is not just about one person, it is an amalgam of individuals, something I did not mention when I originally posted it. I had pulled it from my blog posts out of respect for the feelings of a reader who felt I was maligning someone who is no longer among us. I pulled the post. Earlier in the summer, I had dinner with a friend and unfortunately heard details of the current activities of one of the people that this blog is based on. Then, the other day, I heard of another in full action. I feel compelled to repost what I had originally posted and pulled.

As I ponder people I have known in my life, there are at least five or six for whom I could have written this.

Once upon a time, there was a person who had a tremendous reputation. At least a tremendous reputation with many people, and unfortunately, I saw something besides the positive.

I knew different and I was not alone.

There were so many good things done, good leadership, and yet this person belonged to a major clique of which many others were not, and was very good at keeping up appearances. As many people do, they know how to display one side of their personalities to one group and yet another to others. Body language, looking straight in your eyes, and making you momentarily feel as if you were a best friend, were ways of pulling you into the camp.

We are human, are we not, and that explains it all. We all have our good traits along with the bad; perhaps the best we can hope for is that the good outweighs the bad.

I know and knew victims of this person. There were people who were broadsided by slick career moves and those whose hard work was taken and used for personal benefit and aggrandizement and were not recognized for it. The ladder to success was very quickly had.

This was a champion politician, a person who knew what to say, when to say it, and to whom to say it. This was a gregarious, effusive person, someone who would talk to you and almost overwhelm you with kindness and caring, which was unfortunately not meant for everyone.

Most people were and still are in the dark. They neither know of the people who were trampled down and used nor how people inadvertently contributed to the personal success. It is sad when people do that. It is sad when great acclaim comes to an individual like that, sometimes at the expense of others.

Nothing can be said of this to others, as they would never believe it. Some things just need to be dropped and left to be forgotten. Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that this all happened.

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