A really hot day and a Memorial Service

Saturday is excessively hot, in the 90s from what I have heard and that is certainly the way it feels.

It feels extremely odd to have weather like this in September and really odd that you cannot take a dip in the local pool. Weather like this deserves the reward of cool water.

We have a memorial service down the street today, a very sad one. The other day, the police came to our door and asked if we were friends with a neighbor down the street and if we socialized with her. When our kids were young, we knew and spoke to this person. Of late, our relationship was relegated to a hand wave when she was passing by.

We found out later that she had had a heart attack and is no longer with us. Gone quickly at the age of sixty-five, my age exactly, it just does not seem right. She leaves behind two children and four grandchildren.

The only good thing is that it was quick.

None of us knows when our time is going to be up, but at this age, it almost seems like a sentence of sorts, as we are closer to it than we would certainly choose to be.

In a few moments, we shall walk down the street to pay our last respects to her and to her family as the memorial service is being held at her house. One of her hobbies was home redo and repair and she had just finished the extra rooms that she had and set them up for her grandkids.

So sad that although she met them, that she will no longer be able to spend time with them. She will be a memory that her children will have to pass on to the grandkids, as they are too young to be able to remember her.

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