Locust leaves and smell of skunk

I couldn’t help but notice how dark it was when I got up this morning at the usual time. One knows the days are getting shorter but it is still shocking when the reality smacks you visually.

The locust leaves are annoying and incessant. They are, like some annoying people, impossible to avoid. The patio treats you to the visual pleasure of gold rain, golden leaves tumbling ever so sweetly, almost looking as if they are falling in slow motion, but dealing with them as they attach to Stewart and your feet is absolutely annoying. The two doors to the house have stoops that are covered in them and not attending to them means that they are everywhere in the house. Even attending to them doesn’t mean you will not see them, they manage, like pine needles, to get everywhere.

Unlike previous autumn seasons, this one is filled with the omnipresent smell of skunk. Stewart was sprayed the other night while Mary Kay was sitting in the almost dark of the early evening and so I know that I have to go on the offensive. Out comes the Havahart trap that I will only be able to set in the early evening when Stewart loses permission to run through his backyard domain. We just cannot chance another smelly encounter with the other black and white animal in the neighborhood.

Luckily, the other night, we were able to clean Stewart before he got in the house, and the smell in the house, due to Stewart, was less than our first skunk encounter in August, but it was highly offensive nonetheless.

It is lightly raining and the mixture of gold locust leaves and water is just enough to make them stick better than post-its wherever they fall. They are small enough to make their removal close to impossible. The good news is that they shall soon be done; the trees are pretty much denuded of their gold raiment.

The kids are almost here, I need some decaf.

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