A pain in the tooth!

I cannot even recall a toothache and what it is like. I remember that, as a kid, I had one once and I remember having a baby tooth pulled.

I am one of the few people around who has wisdom teeth, which must account, lol, for my sage responses to situations and questions. All joking aside, I am also one of the few people who have wisdom teeth with fillings. At one point, my current dentist, who has been my dentist for over thirty years if I recollect correctly, was surprised at that fact. One wonders why they didn’t just pull them instead of filling them. And we are not talking small fillings, I don’t do small fillings, I have massive ones that take up what seems to be most of the dental space.

Our children, thanks to strong teeth on MK’s side and fluoride treatments, have pretty much avoided any of the dental issues that I have had. Luckily, most of my dental visits for maintenance of my teeth occurred when I was younger. Scheduled twice a year visits and more care when eating sweets, since I have a decided sweet tooth, made a huge difference. Going to the dentist, when I was younger, was so annoying because it seemed that no matter what I did, the dentist would take a look, say everything looked fine, and then with x-rays, found out that although the exteriors looked fine, the interior of many molars was decaying.

As I said, I have some huge fillings and the doctor warned me that they needed to be watched, as some were incredibly deep and root canals might be in my future.

I have avoided that prediction up until the present, but today I go to the dentist since one of those molars is hurting and I wonder if the prediction is coming true. I felt this pain in the tooth about a month ago, it lasted a short time and I thought that perhaps it might be draining sinuses, since MK and her perfect teeth had experienced that more than once. The Sudafed I took seemed to take care of the problem, but it recurred the other day and the Sudafed treatment is not working.

So, I am off to the dentist this afternoon.

We shall see.

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