Toothache continued

The ‘toothache’ was messing with me. Sometimes a mild throb, sometimes disappearing for a bit, making me question its origins.

I was not alone.

My dental visit was inconclusive.

The usual signs of need for a root canal were not there. Dr. Lehtman tapped around in my mouth, tapping on the affected tooth and tapping on others. There was no difference and I had no reaction that was different on the tooth in question. Gums were not swollen, and there was no other sign of infection. My tooth was neither reactive to hot or cold liquids, another sign as hot would make it hurt more, cold would calm it if it were root canal material.

An x-ray was taken and it was also inconclusive because there was no real evidence that was standing out. There were no major dark areas in the root of this tooth. I saw the x-ray image on the way out and I agree that it really didn’t look much different from the other teeth.

The affected tooth had recently had a redo of its filling, a very large one, and being extremely close to the root of the tooth. This filling is not alone, in my mouth, as being one like that.

Dr. Lehtman wondered, if perhaps, my bite had modified maybe due to the good old aging process or by the newly modified filling. He said that that could be enough to cause the distress I was experiencing, so he set about removing some of the new filling’s surface to see if that might help.

That is what was done and I left the office with no real news to offer. I just had to wait and see what happens. Dr. Lehtman said that because of the situation, if he was right about the ‘bite’ issue, it might take a few days for the situation to calm down.

I came home, took some Advil, Mary Kay’s advice, and the pain totally disappeared, only coming back when we went to bed. I took one more Advil and went to sleep, sleeping the entire night.

Let’s see where this goes.

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  1. Darrelyn Marx says:

    I had a similar thing happen about a year ago. And my dentist couldn’t find anything either. This ‘getting older’ thing is not for sissies!

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