Facebook has its faults. People complain about it and social networking all the time. Once again, it has caused me to have a reunion.

For some time now, I have been a Facebook friend of my cousin’s wife. Then I found out that their son was living in Chicago and I became his friend. Somehow, despite good intentions, my first cousin once-removed (the son of my cousin and his wife), and I did not manage to connect.

Not so long ago, Pat, my cousin’s wife, told me that she and Clifford were coming to Chicago. Their son had moved into a different apartment and they were visiting. We asked them if they would like to come to dinner and they agreed. Yesterday, they came over. We had a wonderful time.

Thank you, Facebook. I know that you get bad press. You, like so many others, often don’t get credit when you do good things. I am offering you that, today.

We had a wonderful time.

We talked about our families; we talked about our common grandfather, Nick Koerner (Kornya), and what has been going on in our families. It has been over forty years since we had seen each other and the last real conversation I had had with Cliff was when I was celebrating my graduation from high school. There has been a lot of water going under that bridge since that time.

It is equally nice to know that I have a wonderful cousin living right under my nose in Chicago and I cannot wait to get him around his younger cousins here in the North Shore.

We dined on homemade Lasagna by as we thought it to be a perfect dinner.

So, vive Facebook!

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2 Responses to Reunion

  1. Patricia Poulin says:

    We are honored to be the subject of one of your blogs!

    Thank you so much for MK and your hospitality and generosity on Saturday.
    We had a great time “catching up” with memories and lots of laughter. To be able to reconnect and not miss a beat is a true blessing. Looking forward to meeting again!

    • We all had a great time. I am fascinated by the difference in reactions to family characters and am pleased to find them more well rounded than I had thought. Impressions and perceptions are fascinating and in so many ways. We did have a great time laughing, something I find to be really important. This is a chapter that we shall continue. Thanks for blessing us with your presence.

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