It is drizzling.

It is almost hard to believe. We had .32 inches of rain in September, the 4th driest September on record.

The rain is needed, but unfortunately, it made Stewie’s encounter with the skunk return in an olfactory way because his coat is damp.

It is gloomy.

It is gloomy in more than one way, the weather itself, and the feel within the country as we deal with a tyrant wannabe. I hate saying that, and I cannot even believe I am saying it, but hey, I am the person who taught a book to students and warned them that the horrific despotism mirrored in the book could happen anywhere. I was apparently right, but this is one of those times that I wish I weren’t.

I am about to have breakfast, and then I go into Oakton for a day of ESL Conversation Hour, my Office Hour, and then my French Conversation Hour. I will go to the gym, if I still have the stamina for it, afterwards.

Since the weather is questionable, it sure doesn’t look as if I will get into any trouble in the yard, doing work that gets more involved than my original plans.

MK is sneezing like crazy, victim of the allergy season, which seems to be one of the more difficult ones. Although I feel her pain, having been victimized by allergies for the first forty years of my life, I am pleased that somehow aging has, at least for now, spared me from suffering from that for the last few years.

I am wondering where this weather will really go, as I am going with a friend to Starved Rock this weekend for hiking and apparently there will be some rain. I guess I have no control over that and I certainly have little, if any, control over the governmental situation.

Time will tell all.

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