My Mail Merge Wars

I have been using Mail Merge for years. It goes back to my time of teaching in the high school arena and to my running an exchange program between France and the United States for some ten years.

Mail merge and I are truly friends and enemies.

Friends because I find that it is an amazing thing; amazing, that is, when it works without making one pull out one’s hair. The real problem here is that I find that it is not the most intuitive process, at least not for me, and that I don’t use it frequently enough to truly remember the process.

I was helping Mary Kay to send out the snow removal contracts, as she works for our son’s business, Koerner Snow Removal. I was taking the Excel Database and merging it with the contract, putting in the individualized numbers for snow removal and services like salting and shoveling.

Mail merge can be seamless, but it can also be next to impossible. When you google it, you see the steps but when you look for what they tell you to find, sometimes the terminology is less than clear and some steps may be missing. Virtually every time I have succeeded in Mail Merge, it has been somewhat of an accident.

Today was no different, I ran into crazy situations like the Merge not happening and then I click on an icon in a somewhat haphazard way and it happens. Then, when I went to print, I couldn’t connect with my printer. I found out that it was a Wi-Fi issue. I had to shut down the printer, shut down my laptop, etc. There is always a lot of troubleshooting pretty much every step of the way when Mail Merge is to occur. Following that, my printer wanted to print double-sided and I needed to figure out how to switch that out.

Technology and being an immigrant to it can be daunting!

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