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I think I have come up with an answer to a question. Why is it that my sons often come to my house to print things? It is because printers, for whatever it is worth, have become somewhat unreliable. Those of us who teach, found it extremely convenient to have a printer so that we could just take it to the copying machine and make what we needed. Those who don’t, just don’t need to print all that often. My current situation is teaching online so it is not an issue. If I were teaching F2F (Face to Face) classes, it would be, however, as it is not wanted for someone to walk in and use the copying machines at Oakton. You can, but copies are limited and the hope is that we will not. If we do, we are asked to forward an electronic copy to a site and then pick up the copies later. As much of a person I am who prepares ahead of time, I would find that somewhat annoying as I lose the control and I have one more thing to worry about.

It seems that my sons have printers but that they are not always working. Our granddaughter was bargaining with her dad yesterday to come to our house and make copies of a play she is writing. As it turned out, she had to delay her plans as her dad pointed out to her that her needs were not urgent.

Our current printer is great, when it works. It is subject, however, to the whims of my laptop as well as my Wi-Fi. I am seriously going to check and see if I can attach a cable (which I think I can) so I can have a ‘hard’ hookup as opposed to my whimsical Wi-Fi. I found that yesterday, since my Xfinity signal had apparently not been strong enough, my laptop jumped from our regular signal to the generic Xfinity.com signal which never seems strong enough to make anything work. It looks as if it is working but really doesn’t.

There is always some sort of fun to deal with!

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