Am I a rabologist?

We have three walking sticks currently in the house. Does that make me a ‘rabologist,’ a collector of walking sticks?

When I was recently at the Grove, in Glenview, IL, I picked up several walking sticks. First, I picked out one for myself. As it happens, I didn’t pick up the right size, it was too short, as it should be higher than your elbow. I went back and got another, keeping the first since Mary Kay could use it. I contacted Joel, to see if he wanted one for our trip to Starved Rock, and he did, so I bought a third. So now, we have a collection of three. Joel opted not to take his home on the plane with him.

I was wondering how it would work and it surpassed my expectations.

The funny thing about it is that using one is just intuitive. It was helpful when going up steep steps, it was helpful when stepping on rocks and keeping my balance when I was trying to avoid falling in the water, and just helpful in an overall way.

I noticed that Starved Rock even sold walking sticks that are similar to mine. They were in the same price range. People of all ages and sizes were using them as they went on the many different kinds of trails at the state park.

I really liked the walking sticks I bought as they were repurposed pieces of wood found in the forest, sanded, and varnished. They are from Appalachia, a place near and dear to my heart as my college was in the Appalachian foothills. They drilled a hole in the top and added a leather cord that goes around your wrist. Not only are they useful, they are actually almost like pieces of art. The larger two walking sticks currently in my house are from a Gum Tree and a Hickory Tree, the smaller one is Maple.

I guess that maybe I am a rabologist after all.

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