Rain after a marathon afternoon of yard work

I will say that I was exhausted after my profitable day.

I started out with my pond plan and put in the pond warmers, removed the filter and pump, and subsequently cleaned everything I took out. I left the aerator in and plan to leave it working for the time being as the pond is less than completely clear from the heavy rains.

In my cleaning, I rescued two baby Japanese Trapdoor Snails that are going to friends of ours, who have a pond, and wanted to know if I had any extra snails.

The promised heavy rains did come and worked through the night, even kept me from walking Stewie. We started walking in the rain and the lightning siren went off. We returned home. I will have to walk him later.

After the pond, I planted about seventy daffodils and narcissus. I also planted some crocus as well. I thought that planting them just before a rain was providential and that worked out well.

I put the plain clear, LED Christmas lights on the bushes and made sure to avoid the poison ivy, even if it is dead.

I brought the wood bench that was back by the pond to the garage area, getting ready to story everything.

The bad part is that in doing all of this, I tore up my garage organization a bit. I cannot put it back until I have put the completely dry pond equipment in their containers. Luckily, that does not depend on the weather so much as it is under cover.

My last act, besides cleaning up, was to remove the kayak rack from MK’s car. Once again, my good kayaking intentions were not held to, but I keep on hoping for next year. I managed to get the rack off way more easily than expected, which was a gift of sorts. I had debated doing it, given that it was perhaps above and beyond what I should have done.

It is Saturday. We are having two girls and their dog over for a sleepover. I am glad that I did the work I did so I can relax before they come over.

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