One of the grandkids says she “has sickies” whenever she is feeling under the weather.

I am not sure if she made this terminology up on her own or if she is repeating a parental bit of nomenclature.

Nonetheless, it is accurate as seventy-five percent of our grandkids happen to be ill at the moment.

One has pneumonia and two others have bad colds with intermittent fevers.

We weren’t sure if we were going to do our Thursday stint at our house or at their house. We really didn’t want them to have to get up and ‘fly out of the house’ in the usual Thursday routine. We went over and ended up bringing them to our house. As it happens, there is rehabbing work taking place at their home so it is better for them to be out of the house.

Luckily, they were not too sick to make the trip.

Tapioca made a return trip to our house. The kids didn’t want much else but they were more than happy to have our ‘reduced sugar’ version. Using half of the sugar that the recipe asks for, I have made it several times. If nobody told you, you wouldn’t even notice. Therefore, why add the sugar?

The kids were not really fond of most of the foods we offered, but a bit of warm tapioca seemed to be a really big hit.

We just got a call and our fourth grandchild is being picked up from school as she has apparently succumbed to the family malady.

It is decidedly that time of the year and the unseasonable weather may well be guilty. Or, perhaps, just the fact that the kids are around others who are particularly able to disperse their germs to others. No matter what, it is next to impossible to keep them from getting these colds.

We are thus ‘lying low’ in our house with the kids today and happy that we now own a copy of Disney’s Cinderella.

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