Yeti and Oberweis

Sometimes when I look at things, I revel in the inventiveness or I think of inventive ways of making the product better.

The Yeti is an example of the former. I am not talking about the legendary yeti of the forest, I am talking about a line of coolers and metal cups and ‘glasses’ that you can put drinks in.

I was first acquainted with Yeti when my sons brought up the coolers that were by far, a huge improvement on the ones I still even have in my garage. Years ago there were the heavy metal Coleman coolers, then we had the less expensive plastic variety, and now we have moved on to the ones that will keep things cold for a very long time.

One Father’s day, I received a Yeti lowball tumbler, seen in the photo, and I immediately bought one for MK. It is even more amazing than I expected. It works as our ‘go to’ mug for coffee and yet it is also our ‘go to’ mug for cold drinks. Gin and Tonics in this mug are wonderful. The metal does not sweat and the cold lasts. There is no taste of the stainless steel, something I had feared. Heat, as in coffee or tea, lasts a very long time as well. It is wonderful in either summer or winter.

We have since bought a Yeti cooler. Now our family has different sizes of coolers as we have each tried to buy a different size. Then we can borrow…

At Fresh Thyme, I found Mason Jar accessories. I am guessing that Yeti doesn’t know it, but the juicer attachment made for Mason Jars fits perfectly on the Yeti tumbler. When I make Gin and Tonics, I make fresh lime juice by putting the juicer on the top! Add the ice, gin, and tonic water and you are good to go.

Oberweis is our new ‘go to’ milk. We are convinced that we need to be more organic and even though Oberweis is technically not rated as such, it is actually organic than most, Oberweis just doesn’t want to jump through the ‘organic’ hoop business. That is fine with me as long as it is a better product. Add into that that I can easily go to our ‘Fresh Thyme’ grocery store and return them while I am doing grocery purchasing and get $1.50 back per bottle. The new brown bottle is wonderful and better about keeping the product safe.

My idea for Oberweis is to make a clamp handle out of metal that is sold and easily attached to the bottle for carrying. My only issue with Oberweis is that I keep thinking I am going to drop the bottle. With a simple metal clamp going around the glass ridge under the top, locking easily, with a handle, would make this milk even more desirable. Come on, Oberweis, maybe I don’t agree with your politics, but your milk is wonderful and should be even more convenient.

My, my mind is wandering today…

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  1. A Yeti Low Ball Tumbler sounds like an exotic circus act from the Far East
    I’m left wondering how you topped MKs present the following year I’m glad the stored tumblers in the garage still figure as I had some concern that your decluttering ( refer to earlier missives of a Preretired French Teacher ) had lost for prosterity ( not to be confused with nocturnal Sphincter activity ) this cornucopia of Mid West American Mores and Folkways from the Sixties Onwards. There must be a number of potential PHD’s in there still. Please forgive my gross frivolity
    Best wishes to the High Ball Yeti Snow Clearing Company and all the Koerners Across the Pond
    Alive and Ageing Disgracefully in Otley Cuddley Dudley

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