October rains again

It is raining.

It started raining and rained all night. It was in the forties when I got up. We got up in the dark and around 6:45 AM we headed east to take care of the grandkids. Our goal was to wait until they awakened and then bring them to our house.

We got there and they, of course, were up. Neither was doing well due to recent colds. The older one told us her ear was ‘broken’ and apparently that was her story during the night. They both sounded raspy. We stopped off at Sunset on the way home, picked up some fresh croissants (they are unbelievably good at Sunset) and Tylenol, as we were out. The Tylenol search was semi-frustrating as they had no infant Tylenol. At the doctor’s office, where we ended up later, we were reassured that what we had thought was true, whether it be Infant or Children’s Tylenol, it is all the same thing, the difference is in the packaging. It was also explained to us that Motrin, on the other hand, is different dosages of the medication when you compare infant’s to children’s. I had to buy the children’s version of Tylenol, which comes with a cup instead of the hypodermic look-alike and thus is a little trickier when it comes to loading the ‘hypodermic’ medicine giver.

So, back to the kiddies, our granddaughter had had a bad night and complained of that broken ear. A call to the doctor was made and it was decided that at 10:00 AM, we would take them to the doctor. The broken ear was an ear infection. Her brother was raspy, but it was contained in the throat area and considered viral. We went to the Pharmacy and took her home to daddy, who by this time had taken off of work. The little one came home with us, feasted on Cream of wheat that I reheated in the microwave with a little milk, and after using my potato masher to reconstitute it, added a little butter and maple syrup. He ate a ton (earlier in the day he had eaten almost nothing). He then feasted on a few crackers and some tapioca pudding (with the sugar cut to half). I read him a few books and put the tired lad down for a nap.

It is still raining and it is cold. It feels like October.

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